Monday, October 10, 2011

Lovely Ladies

I don't believe it. Rather, I don't WANT to believe it

My baby girls are growing up.

E turns 17 in a few days!  Oops...I meant 7; 17 is the age of her attitude.  She is spunky, lovable and Beautiful!

H just turned 5.  In my heart, she will always be about 18 months old.  She is and has always been a mama's girl.  I hope (and pray) that never changes.    Oh, don't worry...she's got plenty of spunk  and beauty herself:

Regardless of their age....I'm just glad their mine, all mine!

p.s.  They will most likely be for sale or rent between the ages of 12-18 :) 

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Anonymous said...

oh yea they are cute now> Just wait!!! I'll be putting together an adolescent repair kit for you soon.