Friday, November 29, 2013

Isn't he handsome

When you leave your 2 year old alone with his big sisters for 5 minutes
this is what happens

This is what happens after mom scrubs the crap out of your face with soap, baby wipes and eye makeup remover:
Pretty pathetic looking face isn't it.
Good thing this happened 2 days before Thanksgiving and it wouldn't all come off.....that way everyone can appreciate his sisters' artistic abilities :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Give Thanks!

The only thing about today that I wish was different, was that we celebrated Thanksgiving at least one day EVERY month....not merely one day in an entire year.

Please, take a moment today and truly reflect on your blessings....for they are abundant.

A few quotes to get the juices flowing:

May God fill your heart with His bounty today and always.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Flying High

Sometimes, the best perks of my job, actually have nothing, zero, nada to do with my job!

BT has a HUGE field house that employees and their families can use. It has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a gym (about the size of 3 normal sized gyms), a weight room, racquetball courts, among other things.  It's a bit outdated, but its still pretty sweet.  My kids LOVE IT!  We do nearly ALL of our winter (and sometimes summer) swimming there.  We also frequent the gym in the winter to run off some energy.

Last night happened to be a PERFECT night to go.
Something the Director (Bob...who we adore!) called the Flying Squirrel.

Check it out (and ignore the excited giggles from the, one very thrilled momma!):

Isn't that AWESOME!!!!!
Even SUPER BRAVE 2 year old did it! 
I was so PROUD of all my kids.  So Brave and confident.
They all went 4 times.
So cool!!!

What an AWESOME memory we made!!!!!
Can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's a........

Want to witness some pure shock.
Check this out (sorry....gonna have to watch sideways!)

Isn't my face H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!!!!!
I wish Ed would have been in the shot.

Yes, folks....It's a BOY!!!!!
I was certain it was a girl.  BOY, was I wrong!

I'm not one for surprises.
I'm SO THANKFUL that Katie convinced me and Ed to do this.
And that Shellie kept me from peeking.
Love you ladies. :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weekend Goodness

This past weekend, I was lucky to have a girls' day (and early b-day celebration) with my dear friend!

Random side note: Ed, Thanks honey for making it happen :)

Since the day couldn't revolve around libations (which I REALLY wanted it to!), it centered around food.  Even better, right!??!?!
Shellie and I started the day right.
Oh Doozy's....I love you.
If you haven't been to Doozy' haven't lived.  BEST sandwiches EVER!!!!!


And we didn't mess around....who needs chips and a drink, go for the WHOLE or go home!
And we did:


And we rubbed it into Shellie's son (who's love of Doozy's is comparable to mine!).  I knew I loved that kid for a reason.  Here's the picture he got that day:

Then off to meet up with Katie at the tail gate.  I think Black Friday....last year....was the last time we were together without our children.  We need to make that happen more often!!  We need to get a tailgate spot next season.  That would be fun!! 

The reason for the day......HUSKER FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!
There is literally NOTHING like game day in Lincoln, and certainly the excitement and energy of Memorial Stadium.  Tunnel Vision gives me goose bumps....doesn't matter how many times I've heard it.
It was a gorgeous day!!  Even though the thermostat only said 54 degrees...the sunshine made it glorious!  I spent over half of the game in a tank top!!  CRAZY...tank top on Nov Nebraska!!  Was NOT expecting that one!
We stood the entire game.  Because that's what REAL fans do!  And we only got complained about once....maybe twice. (think after they saw my tummy, they figured they better not mess with me!)  Don't come to the game if you are going to sit and not say a damn word.  That doesn't fly with us!
Isn't it awesome:

And to make it even better.  We got to witness the Hail Mary pass/catch to our porn-stach buddy Jordan, as time expired (see picture below and you'll get it)!  It was AMAZING!!!!!!  Actually almost UNBELIEVABLE!  That never seems to happen to the Huskers.  It was Awesome!!!  And WE got to witness it. We got to hear the roar! We got to be there!  We got to be  a part of Husker history.  So cool

And that still wasn't enough.  Since we had to pass on the stadium hot dog and pizza (TOTAL BUMMER!) because we were so full for lunch, by the time the game was over...we were STARVING!!  Good thing so were Katie and Steve!!!  We ended the night with MORE FOOD...yummy bar food....nachos, french dips, pizza and buffalo chicken strips.  It was glorious!
I needed this day.  I needed to relax and have fun and talk and yell and cheer until my voice hurt.
It was pretty close to perfect.  Thanks Shellie....for never disappointing.  Love you.
For my early birthday celebration next year....I prescribe the same thing:  Friends, food, Husker football win....oh, and some libations sprinkled on top! :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Cuties.

My crew decided on a very festive, classic Halloween theme this year:  a witch, black cat and a pumpkin.


And to top the night off, we got to trick or treat with our cousins!! Mike and Sully were adorable!!

The company was awesome!
The wind was poopy, but the loot was grand!
Hope everyone's Halloween was as great as ours!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Homemade Laundry Detergent

I've been making our own laundry detergent for well over a year now.
I often am asked what's 'in' my recipe, so thought it was time to re-post.
I have tried 3 different variations of recipes over the past year and this is THE ONE I like the best...and it smells good too :)

1 - 4/12 lb box of Borax
1 - 3lb 7oz box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda
1 - 4lb box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
     (I actually buy a 13lb bag at Sam's and just measure out 4lbs.)
2 - Fels Naptha bars  (you can also use Zote bars, but I prefer Fels Naptha)
1 - 13 oz container of Downy Unstoppables
     (In whatever scent you prefer. You can also use any other laundry scent enhancer that you like)

We use 1-2 T. per load (put in the washer BEFORE the clothes) and this batch will last us easily 5-7 months.  Which means I make laundry detergent 2x a year and it all costs me less than $16.
p.s.  I love the smell of this detergent (thanks to the Downy Unstoppables) and I also use a Bounce bar in our dryer.

The girls and I mixed up a batch Wednesday night.
Here's what we started with:

First, I shredded the Fels Naptha in my mini food processor:

We don't like 'chunks' of soap in the laundry, so after I shred it, then I put it BACK in the food processor and grind it up into a fine consistency:
Then the dumping and stirring begins.
We use a big 5 gallon bucket because it's a big load.
Dump everything together and mix.

You've got to tip the bucket on its side and get all the 'stuff' on the bottom.
Mix is up real good.
Then I transfer into 2 large containers for storage.  We have a measuring spoon in one.
Let the washing begin!!
It you give it a try, let me know.
I'd like to know what you think.
Happy Laundry :)