Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weekend Goodness

This past weekend, I was lucky to have a girls' day (and early b-day celebration) with my dear friend!

Random side note: Ed, Thanks honey for making it happen :)

Since the day couldn't revolve around libations (which I REALLY wanted it to!), it centered around food.  Even better, right!??!?!
Shellie and I started the day right.
Oh Doozy's....I love you.
If you haven't been to Doozy' haven't lived.  BEST sandwiches EVER!!!!!


And we didn't mess around....who needs chips and a drink, go for the WHOLE or go home!
And we did:


And we rubbed it into Shellie's son (who's love of Doozy's is comparable to mine!).  I knew I loved that kid for a reason.  Here's the picture he got that day:

Then off to meet up with Katie at the tail gate.  I think Black Friday....last year....was the last time we were together without our children.  We need to make that happen more often!!  We need to get a tailgate spot next season.  That would be fun!! 

The reason for the day......HUSKER FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!
There is literally NOTHING like game day in Lincoln, and certainly the excitement and energy of Memorial Stadium.  Tunnel Vision gives me goose bumps....doesn't matter how many times I've heard it.
It was a gorgeous day!!  Even though the thermostat only said 54 degrees...the sunshine made it glorious!  I spent over half of the game in a tank top!!  CRAZY...tank top on Nov Nebraska!!  Was NOT expecting that one!
We stood the entire game.  Because that's what REAL fans do!  And we only got complained about once....maybe twice. (think after they saw my tummy, they figured they better not mess with me!)  Don't come to the game if you are going to sit and not say a damn word.  That doesn't fly with us!
Isn't it awesome:

And to make it even better.  We got to witness the Hail Mary pass/catch to our porn-stach buddy Jordan, as time expired (see picture below and you'll get it)!  It was AMAZING!!!!!!  Actually almost UNBELIEVABLE!  That never seems to happen to the Huskers.  It was Awesome!!!  And WE got to witness it. We got to hear the roar! We got to be there!  We got to be  a part of Husker history.  So cool

And that still wasn't enough.  Since we had to pass on the stadium hot dog and pizza (TOTAL BUMMER!) because we were so full for lunch, by the time the game was over...we were STARVING!!  Good thing so were Katie and Steve!!!  We ended the night with MORE FOOD...yummy bar food....nachos, french dips, pizza and buffalo chicken strips.  It was glorious!
I needed this day.  I needed to relax and have fun and talk and yell and cheer until my voice hurt.
It was pretty close to perfect.  Thanks Shellie....for never disappointing.  Love you.
For my early birthday celebration next year....I prescribe the same thing:  Friends, food, Husker football win....oh, and some libations sprinkled on top! :)


Shellie said...

It was fabulous! Thank you!!! But....I am not sure this post is complete without a shout out to yoga pants and a hash tag reference!

Katie said...

Fun day! Was the bar food at the end of the night good? #tailgatingmakesmeforgetful

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday early Lisa! Glad you were able to have some me time, always rejuvenates the soul, doesn't it? Cheers!

Katie said...

I want Doozy's. Too bad there are a good 100,000 people downtown right now messing up my plan. Might have to go there tomorrow though.