Saturday, June 30, 2012


What could possibly be more therapeutic to an 18-month old (who was completely off his schedule, traveled over 1300 miles, and survived a 4 plus hour flight) than this:

Thanks Papa Irv!! you ROCK!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

my heart runneth over Wednesdays

My heart runneth over with.....patriotism

When my hometown celebrated their quasquincenntenial there were flags everywhere.
I'm a total sucker for flags.
For me, there is nothing more American and beautiful than a flag....i know, a little strange maybe...but my patriotism seems to bubble to the surface when there are flags around.

There was also this gorgeous, HUGE flag raised over the town by a fire truck.  We were some of the lucky few (like less than 10 people) who got to watch them bring it down.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Saluting the Volunteer Squad

A couple of weeks ago, my hometown celebrated their Quasquicentennial (125 years) with quite the celebration!  Part of the festivities included a kiddie parade.

With only a few days preparation, the girls and their cousin, N were transformed into firefighters and a dalmation to pay tribute to the Howells Volunteer Fire Department.  Grandpa Gary completed the costume with antique (and incredibly ADORABLE) fire helmets.

Here's a peak at the crew:

The dalmation taking a break from the heat

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My heart runneth over Wednesdays

My heart runneth over with....giggles.

It's amazing how entertaining a beach ball can be to an 18 month old.

CAUTION:  I would recommend muting the video....EIV's sister was having a 'moment' while we were taping this.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Here's to you Mrs Hegemann!

Congratulations to my sister Abby and her husband Jason!
Yesterday they celebrated their wedding day (pictures coming soon).
They are an adorable couple.
Their day was perfect.
They threw one heck of a party.....and WOW did we have fun!!
We were extremely blessed to share in their celebration. 

Abby and Jason -
Through the storms of life, may your love for one another be steadfast and strong.
Wishing you joy and happiness today and always!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Big Boy

Jeter got a bad rap after his last picture featured on the blog.
He's a BIG BOY...but not quite that big.

I thought he deserved a little spotlight to showcase his adorableness.

He was so happy that I took some more pictures, that he thanked me with a wet, slobbery kiss

Pucker up!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Change of plans

Late on the Friday before Memorial Day, our plans took a turn.I got home from work and Ed said, "oh my....look at EIV's feet'
They were covered in bumps and blisters.
After figuring out he hadn't walked in the grass nor eaten anything different, we decided to run him to the aftercare doctor.
At 9:00pm, we were diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth.  I know,'s a weird name and makes me think of a disease from 1867.  All it is, is a virus....why we can't call it something else I don't understand.
EIV was lucky, just a ton of blisters on his feet, maybe one or 2 on his hand and nothing at all in his mouth.   (Yes, I spared you any photos of the disease!)

We had planned on spending the weekend at my parent's lake, but didn't want to expose our 7 month old nephew to the I got a weekend home alone with EIV.

Don't worry, we didn't just cuddle and sleep.  We had our very own Memorial day party, 17-month-old style.

We played with the cat:

We had a dance party EVERY day:

We played with bubbles:

And got in lots and lots and lots of mommy and EIV time.......which is a rarity.
Needless to say...I LOVED every minute of it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm ashamed of myself....

Three weeks ago, my sister Angie and I hosted a bridal shower for our sister Abby.
Abby's wedding is June 16th.....we are so excited for her!!!
We hosted about 35 or so at our parents new lake house (which is beautiful!!!).
After we set up, I thought....'oh, I better snap some pics for the blog'

And I even took a picture of the deer and elk.

But do you think I captured one picture of the bride-to-be?  Or the mother of the bride?
Or the maid of honor?  Or her grandmother?  Or one of me with the bride??
Seriously....I'm so ashamed of myself.
This event has come and gone.....and not one single picture of a person who was there.

But despite what the pictures don't tell, we did have a fabulous shower (games and all :) )
Life's about the experiences you enjoy with people.....not the pictures you take (or miss).
Congrats again dear sister.......Love you Abby!