Sunday, June 10, 2012

Change of plans

Late on the Friday before Memorial Day, our plans took a turn.I got home from work and Ed said, "oh my....look at EIV's feet'
They were covered in bumps and blisters.
After figuring out he hadn't walked in the grass nor eaten anything different, we decided to run him to the aftercare doctor.
At 9:00pm, we were diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth.  I know,'s a weird name and makes me think of a disease from 1867.  All it is, is a virus....why we can't call it something else I don't understand.
EIV was lucky, just a ton of blisters on his feet, maybe one or 2 on his hand and nothing at all in his mouth.   (Yes, I spared you any photos of the disease!)

We had planned on spending the weekend at my parent's lake, but didn't want to expose our 7 month old nephew to the I got a weekend home alone with EIV.

Don't worry, we didn't just cuddle and sleep.  We had our very own Memorial day party, 17-month-old style.

We played with the cat:

We had a dance party EVERY day:

We played with bubbles:

And got in lots and lots and lots of mommy and EIV time.......which is a rarity.
Needless to say...I LOVED every minute of it.

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SDI said...

Even though EIV had to get all those bumps and blisters, it sounds and looks like a change of plans was the best for everyone! Great memories!