Monday, July 2, 2012

Final Salute

My final nod to my hometown's 125th celebration.

There were a dozen bounce houses (and a super economical $10/day wristband.  woo hoo!)  We literally had to RIP the girls away from them.

A food stand, snow cone stand, one that sold deep fried snickers & twinkies and kettle corn and Ed's favorite.....the funnel cake stand.

Check out the shed I found behind someone's house.  So quaint.

Where else than a small town celebration could you find a beard contest

So Happy to report that he shaved that night :)

And some fun water fights too!

And to top it all off, the celebration ended with a parade.
Didn't get a picture when the float was all decked out....but this is gonna have to do. 
Four generations of Baumerts walked/rode through the parade.  Pretty stinkin cool!

Needless to say, the weekend was full of FUN, No naps, lots of unhealthy food, sun and late, late nights.  So when we finally departed on Sunday evening, we had two very tired babies:


and one, "I'm so tired, I can't think, but I'm mad and disappointed we are going home and I don't want the party to end" baby

Don't worry she was sleeping within 5 minutes of getting on the road.

Thank you Howells for the celebration!
Here's to another 125!!


Abby said... the pictures of the girls at the very end left me laughing out loud at my desk at work!!! So funny. Gotta love the harsh reality of being exhausted after such an amazing 3 day, rockin' event!!!

Chris said...


SDI said...

Great small town fun! I feel like having a meltdown too at the end of the day, but for some reason it is understandable with kids, but not for adults!