Monday, August 20, 2012

She knows how to throw a party!

In late June, our family took a trip to San Francisco to celebrate my brother's graduation.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts we were unable to attend commencement; however we were there for the party!  And let me tell you mom knows how to throw a party!

She thinks of every small little detail

And serves lots and lots of incredibly delicious food!!
(Yes, Mom....we had WAY TOO much rice casserole :)!!! was so good though!)

We got to spend time with my sister, J, brother L and Papa Irv

And catch up with cousins, aunts and uncles

But the best thing of all, we got to be together....all of us.

Congratulations again to L!
Thanks Mom for hosting a great party!
And, WOW! was it great!!

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Jamie said...

Great photos, you guys haven't aged a bit and you and Mary look so much alike, both very beautiful!