Monday, February 25, 2013

For just a moment

Growing up, I didn't get to experience the true love/hate relationship most sisters have.

My sisters are far too much younger than me.  I was more frequently their babysitter and 'questionable' teen role model than their sparring partner.

But don't feel bad for me....God blessed me with two daughters. :)
Two daughters who yell, whine, name-call, tattle, argue, kick, hit, and bite each other.....every day!

So when our nanny captured these photos of the girls:

It made me smile.
For just a moment the 'love' part of the relationship shined through!


SDI said...

All is a part of sisterly love. Builds character. But moments like these are priceless. Too sweet!

Katie said...

treasure these moments!

Adam and Nichole Lewis said...

The bottom one is my favorite!