Friday, December 12, 2014

Double Digits

E turned 10 this year!
(p.s. Yes, no need to point out how late this is.  This is my scrapbook...and honestly, there just hasn't been much time to scrapbook these past few months :)
Yes, 10!  We are officially parents to a 10 year old.
It is nearly impossible to believe how quickly these 10 years have gone.
I'm a sap...and realizations like this really hurt my heart.
While my dreams and hopes for my children are HUGE, and I'm giddy with anticipation about what amazing little people they continue to become...I want them to stay little.
I know
I know
It ain't going to happen.

So sappiness aside
Check out this gorgeous, spunky, confident, intelligent 10 year old.
She is seriously a Godsend to me.  She is the best, most-committed big sister on this planet.  I pretty sure some days G thinks she is his mother.  She's nurturing and caring; hilarious and spirited; She's PERFECT!
Happy 10th Birthday Sweet Girl!

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