Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Since the cake at his party was NOT a success....we decided to go with donuts for the traditional first birthday breakfast.

EIV decided it would be best to lick the donut.
What do you don't eat your donuts that way?

Licking the donut made him VERY HAPPY!

I decided to tear it in half to see what he would do. 
That was the trick.
He went to town.

I mean REALLY went to town.....
Shove it in there baby.... ha!!!

The donuts were a big hit (OBVIOUSLY!!) for everyone!

Even with my morning success with the donuts....I had to try the cake again.
Come other babies destroyed their cakes....I was certain EIV would do the same.
Here's what I got:

I give up.


Katie said...

he sure is anti-cake. he'll learn. happy birthday, e iv! lots and lots of love to you!

Chris said...

Stick with the donuts I guess. What a cutie! Loved the backround singing.