Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Amazing Year!

This isn’t your ordinary First Birthday.  Oh no, this is the 1st Birthday of my miracle baby.

A miracle you say….yes, nothing short of.

Two months ago, my baby underwent open heart surgery.

And today, as we celebrate his first year of life, he is extremely healthy and happy.

I’d love to erase many of the events of the past year…..but in a weird, super-odd way…..…I also wouldn’t change a thing.

EIV has taught us many things in his short time here on earth.  Patience, perseverance and real…I mean real love to list a few.  Thank you sweet boy for your strength and courage.  You are AMAZING!

One thing’s for sure…God has blessed us with this beautiful little man and today we wish him the Happiest First Birthday ever!

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