Friday, February 24, 2012

My Heart Hero

We have been so very blessed to have been touched by a wonderful organization, Heart Heroes.

Kitty is amazing!  Her family has been touched by Congenital Heart Defects and she started this organization to connect CHD families,  and to empower heart babies (children) to feel invincible when they are visiting hospitals and doctors offices.

Recently we helped sell suckers to support Heart Heroes
Our little Heart Man was the perfect spokesman for the cause.  And, shockingly, it was the first time he donned his cape.
Check him out......he's pretty stinking cute!!

P.S. Sorry, the videos not that was shot from my phone.....


Katie said...

lookin' good, little man! love the cape too. missing this heart hero and the rest of you...seems like it's been forever!

SDI said...

Oh, the cape is so stickin' cute! Glad to see my 10 month old isn't the only one running away from Mommy (even when the older sib is trying to help)! What a great organization to be connected to!