Monday, March 19, 2012


A few nights ago, E ask if we could build a puzzle.
I was all over it! 
I love me some puzzles and I love spending non-tv, non-electronics time with my girl.
And of course, she picked one of the most difficult ones we have.

It's not a very big one....but the only picture we have to work from is this one.....which is about 2x3 on the box.  Makes the ocean details a wee-bit difficult to see.

We dumped it out and began......

Despite missing a few pieces:

Finally....the next night.....Success:

Way to Go E! 


SDI said...
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SDI said...

Who doesn't like themselves a good puzzle? We only do the fun 36 piece puzzles at our house and Vince doesn't like it when I help! Got one out with my family at Christmas...we had many missing pieces too! We were pretty positive Drew didn't eat them!

Jamie said...

Equally impressed the pieces were all accounted for...Nice job mom!

Katie said...

i love puzzles!