Monday, April 23, 2012

Barking and other ailments.....

Ed and I were harshly awoken last night to barking.
Unfortunately it wasn't barking from our dog......rather from our son.

There was a moment of....'no way can that sound be coming from him??!?!"
Oh yes, much to our dismay, our little booger was diagnosed with croup this morning.
A steroid shot and breathing treatment later, he's doing much better. 
Hoping that tonight goes a little better.....for all of our sakes.

The croup was just another ailment to add to our 2012 list.
What's so weird is that CHD babies are known to have compromised immune we expected all of these ailments (and did lots and lots of things to prevent them) in 2011.....but oh no....this strong, resilient young man didn't get sick at all....not one time prior to his OHS. (THANK THE LORD!)

Then welcome 2012. 
Since the beginning of the year, he's got on the books:
-3 ear infections
-roseola (a viral rash)
-another random viral rash 2 weeks later
-an allergic reaction that gave him boils on his bottom
-and now, croup
-And something else I'm sure I've forgotten
And it is only April......


Katie said...

Poor little guy! At least his system is not bogged down with a compromising VSD, too. Praise God for that!

SDI said...

Oh, croup! What's up with that? Hope there is no more E barking at your house and everyone is healthy and rested! Can you tell E he doesn't have to play "catch up" and get everything! Glad he is stronger now, if he has to get something! Enough already!