Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's hard to believe

It's hard to believe that a mere 9 months ago, we had a beautiful baby boy that:

-wasn't even on the growth charts
-breathed rapidly and laboured
-didn't have the energy to play for more than 5 minutes and then needed a rest and/or nap
-required over 22 feedings a day which consisted of breast milk, formula and rice cereal
-caused his mom and dad lots and lots of anxiety and sleepless nights
-had the scrawniest legs I've ever seen
-seemed to have the doctors baffled (but of course not his mama!)
-despite all of that, always, and I mean ALWAYS, was smiling

Check out those scrawny legs

It's hard to believe that a mere 7 months ago, to the day, that same beautiful baby boy, looked like this:

It's hard to believe that:

-a 9 month old is strong enough to undergo an open heart surgery
-a surgeon can patch holes inside a heart about the size of a walnut
-a baby can be released from the hospital only 3 days after OHS
-a baby can be sent home only on Ibuprofen for the pain

It's hard to believe that ONLY 7 months later, that our strong, resilient, amazing son:

Eats donuts and spaghetti and anything else thrown his way:

Has enough energy for bikes rides with his sisters, swinging and goes so fast he runs right out of his shoes:

He's also:
-On the charts
-has no residual flow through his VSD
-has absolutely NO restrictions
-and is PERFECT!! Perfect in every way!

It may be hard to believe what can happen in 7 months. 
But I do believe in God and I do believe in miracles, because I see one every day!


anne putty said...

absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing the pictures:)
Anne & Robin

Katie said...

Definitely a heartwarming story. We serve an awesome and mighty God! Love to the mended E1V and all of you!

SDI said...

What an amazing message of faith and resilency! EIV is definately my heart hero! Plus he is so dang cute!