Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I've been a major slacker in regards to my blog this past week.
Since last Wednesday, we have a kindergarten graduate, and a 1st grade graduate and a 17 month old with 13 teeth.
Our garden (in pots) is flourishing! yay!
Our soccer season has ended (Thanks Coach G.!!!!)
We've had fun with bubbles.
We've had an 8:30 pm run to the doctor, a case of hand, foot and mouth (really...it's 2012...we can't come up with a better name than that!) and a last minute (relaxing) change of holiday weekend plans.
We packed a car to its capacity and then unpacked it about 31 hours later.
Our new turquoise table (thanks honey!!) has found its home.
We went swimming and tried to sing flag songs.
We learned about what Memorial Day is REALLY about.
We've hit sonic happy hours 3 times in four days! super yay!!
And so many other 'normal' daily activities....
I PROMISE I will blog about these....soon....really soon or my camera might burst.

But to tide you all over for today.......
For those of you who are parents, you will appreciate this.
Everyone knows that there is NO SACRED place for a mom, not even the bathroom. 
I've 'done my duty' numerous times with a baby on my lap, sitting on my feet or pulling on my arms. 
EIV's new thing is to come into the bathroom and try (with all his might) to pull up my pants and force me to be 'done'.... and refusing to take 'no' for an answer.  It is hilarious!! 
Fortunately for all of you....Ed is the only one who might actually witness it. 
You're welcome for not including a video :)
Happy Tuesday!


SDI said...

Slacker it may feel, but enjoying time as a working mom with your family vs. telling us what is up are two very different things. Sounds like life has been fun and insane...enjoy every minute of it. However, I do look forward to the pictures ;-)

Jamie said...

Am totally empathetic to your last paragraph, can absolutely relate! F is now into giving me the TP, such a helpful little boy.