Sunday, September 23, 2012

Favorites of my 6 year old

A sweet friend gave me this great idea (thanks S!!) to do with the kids around their birthdays.
I think it is a fabulous way to see how they change from year to year.
I'm a little belated since H's birthday was in August, but that seems to be the story of my life right now.  So consider this your notice that our Halloween pictures will likely be posted in December and Christmas fun in March :)

So here it goes....
Imagine H and I sitting at my kitchen table, serious reporter style, with my Q&A!

What is your favorite color:  blue

Favorite animal:  zebra

Favorite food: cookies (all kinds, but Eileen's are yummy!)

Favorite thing to do at school:  color

Favorite activity:  Coloring with mom

BFF:  Shelby (this was the first time I've ever heard this name!  Guess she is in her class.....just never happens to mention her :)

What do you think of your sister E right now:  She's kind of mean  (this made me laugh!  These girls fight like cats right now!)

Who cooks the best: mean I meant mom...actually mom and dad both cook the best  (sweet...she didn't want to hurt my feelings!)

Favorite TV show:  iCarly

Favorite breakfast food:  cereal

Funnest thing we've done so far this year:  Trip to San Francisco on the airplane

Favorite pet:  a hamster and a puppy (sorry Charlie and Jeter :( )

Favorite day:  I have two mom....Saturday and Sunday because we don't have school

Favorite people in the world:  mom, dad, doctor (Random!), emma, jeter, charlie, edward, chloe, riley and kendall

Favorite place to visit: swimming pool and papa's lake

I can't wait to look back at these from year to year. 
Her personality just shines through these answers.

H ~ as we always tell you....regardless of what your favorites are, YOU are our FAVORITE youngest daughter.  We love you!!


Katie said...

Her comment about E cracked me up. That's some sibling love! I do this with J when he starts school each year. My blogging is behind as well, so maybe I'll get his answers posted someday...or maybe not. What's wrong with Christmas in March?

SDI said...

Love some of the additional questions...will have to add those as the boys get older. What a great conversation!