Monday, March 11, 2013

My apologies for the delay....March 10th!

Our home Internet connection is all jacked up.
Makes blogging rather difficult when you can't actually get to the Internet.

With that being said, I'm forced to have my birthday wishes to my amazing hubby be a day belated! 
Yesterday Ed celebrated his 32nd (not really) birthday.
I LOVE celebrating birthdays with Ed, because it always reminds me of how young I am!
Ha ha ha!!  Just kidding!! 
The real reasons I love celebrating birthdays with him is because it's a day I get to celebrate HIM! 
The man I love.
The man I love because he is smart, so funny, kind, understanding, PATIENT, consistent, gentle, trustworthy, so incredibly giving and an AMAZING father and husband.
He knows want he likes and he knows who is he.
He provides for our family in so many ways.
Happy Birthday sweetie!  Here's to many many more.


Chris said...

Dream big Ed!!!-----32??????

SDI said...

Happy beleated Ed! Here's to many more 30 somethings. Don't hear you singing ;-)

Ashley Pokorny said...

I love the cha cha cha, ohh la la! Happy Birthday Ed!