Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My heart runneth over wednesdays

My heart runneth over with....memories, oh, beautiful memories.

This past weekend, we were invited to a wedding of a family friend.
We had so much fun!
The kids danced and danced and danced and ran and played and danced.
(of course, I too, was busy dancing, therefore NO pictures....bummer.)
I love small town weddings! (psssstttt....and open bars too :)

My two sisters were in the wedding.  And looked just down-right beautiful/gorgeous (as always).
And nearly the rest of my family was there to.
Sitting there with my parents, my siblings (most of them at least), my hubby, my kids and niece and nephew made me sappy.
Throughout the night, I reminisced about all the weddings (a.k.a. memories, good times, funny stories, embarrassing moments, AWESOME dance moves) we have been to....together.
Together as a family.
It's pretty amazing.
And I love it.

And yes....I actually DO love the chicken dance and cotton-eye joe.
Why do they save them for weddings only?
Wish you could have seen EIV rocking the chicken dance.

And finally....wish my grandparents would have been there.  They ALWAYS, ALWAYS win the longest married couple dance/tribute.  Not many people can beat 63 years. (actually 62, but will be 63 in June....close enough, right!?!?)...and I LOVE the look on their faces when they's almost like they are surprised.  I love it.  I mean L-----O---V----E, love it.

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