Monday, April 1, 2013

Epic Easter Fail.

Praise the Lord for He is Risen!!........check.
Buy girls Easter dresses.......check.
Make sure little dude has adorable Easter shirt......check.
Go to church......check.
Stock up on supplies for Easter baskets....check.
Leave out carrots and Cheetos....check.
Stay up late to 'help' with the baskets....check.
Say Happy Birthday to my sis.....check.

Take pictures of children all dressed
Get Easter cards out in the   (grandma/pas in NV and CA please accept our apologies)
Color Easter  (1st time EVER in my parenting career)
Have an egg hunt at
Go to a community egg
Picture of children participating in egg  (thank the lord that great grandma scheduled an egg hunt!)
Take an Easter family

SO what did I do:

1. First and foremost.....had the most wonderful, enjoyable Easter at my Grandma/pa's house.  Both are 83 and they still prepared the majority of the meal for nearly 40 people.  I LOVE THEM so much!  We had amazing food (no one ever will compete with their pork cutlets, kolaches and dressing!).  I'm very very blessed.

2.  Was awoken at 6:04am to see if the bunny had arrived.

3. Ate my first piece of chocolate at 6:10am.

4. Actually captured a few pics of the baskets and treats (to be posted later tonight or tomorrow)

5. Pretty sure I ate my weight in food; including only ONE Reese's egg.  Twix was my craving of choice this year.

6.. Went for a great walk with my daughters and my dog (thank goodness that worked off 10 of the 3500 calories I consumed!)

7. enjoyed great conversation with my grandma, aunts and cousins.

8. and finally......rode in the back seat for the final 5 miles AFTER H puked not once, not twice, but three times.........little smokies, mashed potatoes and chocolate........oh my..............poor baby.  (pretty sure this was karma getting me back for 'forgetting' to color eggs)

At the end of it all....pretty sure that my successes and failures evened out.
That's what I'm going to believe at least.
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!

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Katie said...

Nothing says "Happy Easter!" like Lil' Smokies/potato/chocolate puke. Awesome.