Monday, April 22, 2013

Harlem shake....Anibal style

Ok....I had a very, very eventful weekend.
Some good, some bad and some GREAT things happened this past weekend.
I planned to blog about it today...but then something better presented itself.

While Ed and i were cleaning up after dinner tonight, we noticed that it got extremely quiet upstairs.   I hurried up to check and was presented with this video. is TOTALLY worth watching the entire video.


Adam and Nichole Lewis said...

OMG!!! Why did I miss this?!?! Highlights:
-"Emma move!" ( and pushing/kicking Em out of spotlight multiple times
-Emma's moves! Shake it, Lady!
-that fist pump!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE a thousand times over!!!

Jamie said...

4 mins and 26 secs of continuous smiling, loved it! You've got some seriously talented little ones, I couldn't pick a favorite!

SDI said...

Love the joy and fun these kids have together!