Monday, April 8, 2013


We had a busy weekend. So busy that I didn't snap one single photo (not even with my phone).

Friday night, the kids and I ran to Sam's Club and Fareway.
Nothing says good quality Friday Night Family Fun like a trip to the warehouse store and grocery store. 
They were not stoked.
Trust me.

Saturday was filled with early morning swimming lessons.
They are both getting so good!  I love to swim and am so glad that soon, very soon, my girls will swim right along side me.  Now....actually getting me in a swim suit for that little an entirely different story....
Dang, love you warmer weather, but this body has a long way to be ready for a swim suit :) 
(p.s.   SG---it's time to get serious!!)

ok, ok....back to the weekend.

Soccer started for H.  It was club training this week, first game is Wednesday and her dad is making a guest appearance as coach.  That will certainly mean pictures for me!!! yay!!
H was more excited about soccer this year than in the past.  And she's pretty stinkin good too!  Wonder where she gets that from???  Me and my swimsuit-perfect body I'm sure :)  
I about peed, I was laughing so hard right there.....

Then E and I hit up some garage sales!
Woo Hoo!!  Garage sale season is HERE!
I scored 9 BRAND NEW frames for $3/piece. Score!
And a BRAND NEW, tags-still-on, Gap skirt for H for $1.  Score!
And E scored some roller skates.  I LOVE that she wanted roller skates.  

H went to a friend's birthday party/sleepover.
Didn't make the sleepover part.  she "missed my mom too much".  aaaawwww....then I think...."Will they ever get sick of me? "....oh, wait....I already KNOW the answer to that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E had a friend sleep over at our house.  They had so much fun.  Swim suits in the bath (oops...I meant hot tub!) Jimmy Johns and sleeping in the closet, cuddling with my shoes (YES....really!?!?!?!?)  WTH? is what I thought, but they loved it!!!

Sunday started off right with a dozen donuts!  That's the fancy meal our guest received :)
Ed and I then decided, since drapes were on sale, what the heck...let's give our front room a make-over and that took up the rest of the day.......insert a bike/roller skate ride around the neighborhood and 3 trips to Target too.

What did you do this weekend?
Hope it was fun!  I mean, Sam's Club on a Friday night, sleep in your closet, roller blade around the block kind of fun!!!!

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