Thursday, April 11, 2013

To the next 40.

Yesterday, my big brother turned 40.
Honestly, that simply CANNOT be the case.  I really am having a hard time wrapping my head around that.

I swear it was only yesterday that we ate Scooby Doo cookies in the park or listened to Licensed to Ill literally for 8 hours straight.

I feel like we blinked and went from 20-something to 40 overnight....I guess that's what work, marriage, a handful of kids and LIFE will do to ya!

Just goes to show, how much we need to ENJOY and CHERISH every they go by quick.(yes...cheesy cliche, I know, I know...)

RJ - Thanks for the 40 years (well, actually only 36 for me!) of memories. 
Thanks for saving me from the Maple Creek all those years ago (and not naming me Moses).
Thanks for so many fun times.
Thanks for the gross-o kisses (you know what I mean!)
Thanks for always protecting me
And remember that I am Thankful that you are my brother.

Hope your birthday was full of blessings.
Here's to 40 more!!  

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