Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beautiful Tree Skirt

I'm addicted to Pinterest.  It teases me with all kinds of fun and creative ideas. From funky scarves made out of old t-shirts to hangers for flats made out of curled up wire hangers.  From photo and meal ideas to puffy paint on canvas. 
Heed this warning....DO NOT check out Pinterest unless you are ready to accept the addiction.

My latest find was this no-sew Christmas tree skirt.
Supplies included:  old sheet (could use an old blanket or painters tarp), 2 yards linen, 3 yards burlap, hot glue gun, scissors and a yard stick.

I started with an old twin sheet; folded it, then folded it again.  Then I cut it to make an oval (the original called for a circle, but I wanted more of an oval shape), I also cut the corner to make the inner circle.  (Minus the cat when you create yours :) )

I then cut the linen and the burlap into 3 inch strips.  Not an easy task with the burlap, so I had to lay it out across the entire floor and cut them one by one.  I was able to fold the linen and cut 3" strips, a few at a time.  I ended up with a pile of material (which clearly my cat AND dog loved!)

Then I warmed up the glue gun and began to fold the material:

I did a row of linen, then 2 rows of burlap (which was a little harder to fold, but certainly not impossible).

A couple of hours and a few burnt fingers later, here was the beautiful final product.  Sorry I didn't take many pictures in the middle of the project...I got carried away.

And here it is under my tree:

The pictures do not do this skirt justice.  It is really beautiful!  I love it! Thank you Pinterest!!


Jamie said...

Nice work, it's beautiful! You're the second friend to mention Pinterest to me, gonna have to check it out.

Katie said...

Can't wait to see this. You would laugh if you saw ours. Pinterest sure makes stealing the ideas of others just that much easier. Addicting!