Friday, November 4, 2011

O. H. S. Lesson #4

EIV was on the bypass machine at approximately 3:30pm on Wednesday afternoon.  Off at 4:30pm.  Moved to the PICU around 6pm with more tubes and wires than I could count.  Sat up around 12am Thursday morning, rolled over around 2:30am and ate at 7am.  Moved to the heart floor around 2pm and could have went home by 11am Friday morning. By 4pm, he was crawling and walking behind a toy. When he  was released on Saturday morning, he was sent home taking ibuprofen and Tylenol....that's it.

Lesson Learned:  Babies are TOUGH, TOUGH, TOUGH! Tougher than any adult I know.

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Katie said...

for sure! e is tough as nails. love seeing all of his extra energy, too!