Monday, November 21, 2011

I need.....

I’ve been scouring Black Friday ads.  Not because I love to shop (BECAUSE I DON’T), more because I love a good deal….I mean REALLY love a good deal.  Plenty of crap has been purchased in my home simply because it was on sale! 
As I have been looking through the ads, a realization came over me… this busy, material-obsessed world sometimes it is difficult for our brains to process what our ‘needs’ are….versus our ‘wants’.  After I crossed many, many things off the shopping list….I started to think about what my current needs are:

- a (long overdue) date with my husband
- an extra dose of patience
- a nap
- 10 minutes of silence to pray

I don’t think it’s much….but much needed….much more needed than anything in those black Friday ads.

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