Sunday, January 1, 2012


Holy that right....2012????
It's really hard for me to believe it is 2012.
Where have the past 12 years gone?
I remember when everyone was freaking out about Y2K.  How were our computer systems going to switch from 99 to 00?  I spent that New Year's Eve in Las Vegas on vacation.  It was a riot (Thanks R, C and J for that!)....and shockingly, the world did not end because of our man-made computers.

Since that New Year's, my life has happened....
move to Vegas
new job
bought a house
2 daughters
move to Nebraska
new job
bought another house
1 son
And about 1000 other major life events

And probably most shocking is that I literally DO NOT remember over half of 2011. I was able to spend the first few months home on maternity leave, then the majority of the rest of the year is a blur.  Doctor appts, monitoring, documenting, worrying, praying, crying,measuring, pumping, freaking out, more doctor appts, a couple hospital stays and a MAJOR surgery later....and poof..... it's 2012. 

What I've learned is that life's about LIVING, no regrets, solely trusting God, and my blessings are bountiful....I mean, burst at the seams, my heart runneth over kind of bountiful. 
Happy New Year to each and everyone of you! 
May your 2012 be filled with peace, joy and blessings!

Spend some time today reminiscing about your past 12 years......thinking of old friends, laughing about poor decisions, trying to figure out HOW you even made it this far in life, crying about those we've lost and being thankful that God gave you 12 years. 
Then start dreaming about what the next 12 years can be! 

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