Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Heart Runneth Over Wednesdays!

my heart runneth over with..............blurriness.....
Blurriness because I have NO TIME.
Not enough time to:
-spend the time with my kids that I want to
-see/speak to/or spend quality time with my hubby
-get the crap ton of work sitting on my desk tackled
-sleep the hours I want to
-get the house organized or clean
-put all the laundry away
-blog about the stuff I really want to
-pick up bread....cuz we are almost out
-read my book (The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo)
-call my family and friends....just to talk.....

Calgon....take me away......
or at least give me 3 more hours in the day


Katie said...

ditto! i've never felt so disorganized in my entire life! time for another mom's night away!

Leese said...

YES!! That is exactly what we need!

SDI said...

Amen, sista! where does the time go? I still have Christmas stuff laying around my house and I *hate* the mess!