Friday, January 6, 2012

Activity #3 - Cell Phone Holder

Seriously this is fabulous!
A place to shove the charger cord while your cell refreshes its battery. 
No more cords all over......and i think it's cute.

I started with an empty bottle from baby shampoo and a scrap piece of material (it was probably about 10x10).

I removed the label (which came off really easily).
Then I measured how tall my cell phone was and drew a straight line across the bottle with a marker.

Then I drew this arch shape on the back.  I initially messed I just drew it again.

Now...thanks to my fabulous hubby, I was able to cut the bottle with an X-ACTO knife.  Check out his fancy set:

I then drew a square with rounded edges on the bad of the bottle.....and then cut it out.

Next, I sanded the edges that I cut, just to smooth them out.
I also sanded the bottle so that it would hold the Mod Podge a little better.

I covered the front of the bottle with Mod Podge and put the fabric on.  I then wrapped it around the bottle and cut off the extra.  I folded it over the bottom edges.  I then trimmed the excess around the top.   I put on a good layer of Mod Podge OVER the fabric and then hung it to dry.

Then I cut an oval shape and glued it to the bottom.  I then trimmed all the strings and fray edges and cut the material out of the square.
That's was done.  It took me about 15 minutes tops....pretty cool I think.
Here's what it looks like on the wall.  Can you see my phone glowing with pleasure with it's new home.

Can't wait until we have another empty bottle.
I'm going to make my husband one with burlap.

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SDI said...

Too cute and creative! Love the X-ACTO knife collection, never know when that handy set will be needed!