Tuesday, December 4, 2012

7 days of October.....in December....

I'm putting together a 7-day post series....of events that happened in October!
I've got to catch up somehow :)

Day One!

E was extremely blessed this year and got to have TWO birthday celebrations! 
Since our Vegas trip occurred about a week and a half before her birthday, we got to celebrate with Papa and Mimi!  Woo Hoo!!

Our celebration included an incredibly yummy ice cream cake (YAY...Mom's favorite! Score!!)

Skewer in lieu of candles :)  Which worked just great!
(totally random side note: The picture of H behind the cake cracks me up!! )

And one very lucky 8 year old with her two very awesome grandparents!

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SDI said...

Can E be any more adorable! Wow, growing up so much! Of course, she deserves 2 parties! ;-)