Friday, December 7, 2012

7 days of December

Day four!

We're half way done with October!! ha!
Can you believe 2012 is almost done.....seems unbelievable to me. 
Literally WHERE did this year go??

Ok, ok...back to the October posts!

Nothing says fall, like a good ole pumpkin patch!
We were one lucky family, as we hit TWO pumpkin patches this year.
The first was in Norfolk after celebrating S's b-day.

It was an incredibly windy took it's toll on our crew, but we sure did have a great time together.

I love small, quaint little pumpkin patches so much better than the big, money-driven ones.
This pumpkin patch was PERFECT in my book!

H took a lesson in mounting a saddle.

We all got to feed and pet goats!
We met Lilly the llama and some friendly reindeer
With all this excitement, our crew pooped out pretty quickly and needed to have a seat:
We had such a fantastic time with our cousins!
Can't wait til next year!!

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