Friday, December 21, 2012


Last Friday at 9:30am, my husband and I were sitting in our 6 year-old daughter's 1st grade classroom. 
We all know what was happening in another first grade classroom at the exact same time.

This hit close to home and directly to my heart.
 I can't seem to wrap my head around it all.
I've been crying a lot the past week.
Crying for the beautiful babies and selfless teachers that were taken that day.
Crying for their families
Crying for their community
Crying for my own children
Crying for our country
Crying for our society

I have lots and lots of thoughts to process......please bear with me, as I need to get them out....not today though.
Today's not the day.
Today, be PRESENT with your children, your spouse, your parents, your family.
Be Present, as our Lord does not guarantee us tomorrow.
Be prayerful.
Pray and then pray more.
Pray for those with aching hearts
Pray for those leading our country
Pray for God's guidance
Pray for His love and understanding

Writing about this and talking about this is not enough.
I must do something.
What?? I don't know quite yet.

Please pray for me.
Pray that I open my ears and heart to listen to God's direction.

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Adam and Nichole Lewis said...

I'm praying for and with you, Lisa! When you decided what you want to know I'll be first on board with you.