Friday, May 24, 2013

An Additon to our family!

Meet Bob.

Wait, let me get it right.....officially, his name is Bob Marie.
I know, right!?!!??!
EIV and H did an EXCELLENT job naming the newest member of our family.
Bob is our summer traveling companion.
Yes, I know this isn't a novel idea....but when I saw Bob....I KNEW our family HAD TO HAVE HIM!!  Isn't his face so dang cute!  I love him.
You're going to see a LOT of Bob this summer.
He's going to help us write our 2013 summer memories.
It's going to be fun!!!!
If you want to invite Bob to any fun summer activities........we're in :)

1 comment:

Shellie said...

His green and yellow friend Stumpy lives at our house!!!