Monday, May 13, 2013

WOW!....what a weekend.

Whew.....I'm pooped! (And so are ALL members of the fam.)
Our weekend was a blur.  Honestly can't even tell you what I did Friday short term memory is not holding up well.

Saturday, we had to divide and conquer.
Ed and E left at 6:30am for her first track meet.  She did the long jump, 400m and 800m.  Considering she is 'new' to the concept of track and competing individually, she did AMAZING!  No, she didn't place, but with only 3 practices under her belt, we are certain she will keep improving. We are extremely proud of her!!  I was really impressed by her determination.  It's going to fun watching her develop throughout the season.  The next meet is Sunday the 19th.....looking forward to capturing some pics of her in action!

While they were at the meet, H, EIV and I tackled a soccer game.  Holy Moly....the wind was out of control.  So much so, that EIV could barely kick a ball across the field.  Needless to say, it was not the most enjoyable game. 

Then we were off to the races ~ no, not the track meet ~ rather, the driving race across the state.
First trip to Howells to celebrate my two cousins' graduations.  So proud of both of them!!  And we got to spend time with nearly my entire family.  It was a great party (way to go Chris!!!).
Then packed back up in the car to drive 75 miles, where we met up with Ed and E for a family friend's graduation party.  This party was packed with 'family' from Vegas.  It was so nice to visit with them. 

My Mother's Day started at exactly 2:36am, when H decided to get the flu.  Spent the next hour and a half in the bathroom with her.  Fun, right!??!?!?! NOT!!!
So that meant Mother's Day was spent at home, in my jammies, nearly all day. 
It worked!  It was low key and good.
My babies blessed me with tons of cards, beautiful tulips (My fave!!!!), and good behavior!

Then we got to end the weekend with a date :)
Our dear friend (that we consider FAMILY) whom we met when we lived next to each other in Vegas was performing in Omaha.  It's been WAY TOO MANY YEARS since we have seen him.  He's awesome. We love him.  And were so blessed to be together. Check him out. was your weekend?


Katie said...

Oh, so glad you were able to meet up with Ralph! I was hoping it would work out for you. Happy Mother's day to you...puke keeps everything in perspective, huh?

SDI said...

Seriously, I am exhausted from reading! What a precious gift from H for Mother's Day :} Only a mother's love and comfort can provide. Happy Mother's Day!