Thursday, May 30, 2013

Here fishy fishy fishy....

Memorial Day weekend was a blast!!
Saturday E and I spent the day at a track meet (pictures to follow---my computer is not cooperating). And that evening was spent with dear friends whom we haven't seen for some time.

On Sunday, we were off to my parents lake by Schuyler.
My sisters Abby and Angie joined us too.

I'm so grateful for time with my family (especially my dad) to fish.
It is one of my fondest memories from my childhood and now my own children will have their own fishing adventures with grandpa too.

We caught a total of four master angler crappies.
I totally have to brag.....mine was the biggest!!!!  Over 16+ inches.

E was a total chicken and wouldn't hold hers!  She used to like to get her hands dirty....don't know what that was all about.



Jamie said...

Holy godfather, that crappie was ginormous!

SDI said...

Oh, my! How fun! VW is so excited to get some fishing in too! This look like a blast! Where is Bob Marie? ;-)