Sunday, June 2, 2013


As I previously mentioned, E is participating in her first season of club track.
She's doing the long jump, 400 and 800.
Let me tell ya...this girl is naturally athletic but just needs to work on the focus-part....just a bit :)

She's had 3 meets so far this season.
We couldn't be more proud of her!  She is tough and determined.
She goes out there with all her gusto and gives it literally her all.
She knows the length of her jumps and her the times of her runs.  Smart little cookie :)

Here's a few snap shots from one of her meets:

She needed to rest her tootsies after all that jumping :)

Here she is running the 400:

The age division is based on what age the child will be on December 31st of this year. 
She competes in the 9-10 division (even though she's 8) and some of her competitors are almost a full two years older than her.
It's good pushes her a little and let me tell ya, she means business!
This last Saturday, the second she was done long jumping, she asked if we could go to the track at home and practice.

Way to go baby! 
You ROCK!!


Jamie said...

Great form E, keep up the great work!

SDI said...

Look at the form and determination! Way to go, E! Keep up the hard work!

Abby said...

She's got the heart and passion for it. Now to work on her attention span a little bit :)