Monday, June 10, 2013


Have you heard this song?

Of course you have....everyone has,  right??

It is playing over and over and over in my head lately.
"why you gotta be so mean?"

There have been a couple of incidents lately that makes my mind go directly to this song.

Another parent making rude comments and giving me 'death stares'  because I have young children (who they obviously find annoying....even though we are outdoors playing).  Ummm...weren't your kids little and full of energy once? 

A co-worker trying to bully their way to the top?  Ummmmmm.....people perform better and show more respect when you praise, coach and encourage......not demean and blame.

A little girl telling my daughter that she's better than her, so she doesn't want to play.

In the midst of each of these mind plays...."why you gotta be so mean?" 

Why?  Why does annoyance and disgust have to be where people go first?  Why?
Why are we so dang judgmental of others.
What happened to "treat others like you want to be treated"? 

Now, don't get me wrong....I am NO SAINT. I'm not perfect. I've done/said the wrong thing.
I have said mean things before and will likely do it again (just being honest people!).
I'm not proud of it.

But IT IS bothering me A LOT lately.
I literally want to cry, when I experience it. (and's not just because I'm PMS-ing)

I don't want my children to grow up in this mean world.  Where, thanks to social media, comment sections and blogs (like this one :) people can say what they want with NO CONSEQUENCE.

I want them to know love, feel love, experience and show kindness, be givers.

I'm asking you to jump on board and help me CHANGE.  Choose to BE THE CHANGE.

Instead of asking.....Where did kindness and understanding go?
CHOSE to be KIND and UNDERSTANDING of other's lives, situations, etc.

Instead of over analyzing....Why are others MEAN?


Try it today and share with me how it feels.
I'm going to stop singing this song.
Stop asking "why you gotta be so mean"

And instead

Be Kind
Be Patience
Be Grateful

And the way....the intent of this blog is to bring awareness to this issue.
Challenge you to think about your words and actions.
Not point fingers, no complain about others, and certainly not blame them.

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SDI said...

So crazy how much folks push down others to lift themselves up. May our children be different than today's societal norm...difference makers, builder uppers, with respect.