Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More track....with Bob :)

This upcoming weekend, our track club is sponsoring a multi-team event.
Instead of doing individual events, they can only do specific events for their age group. 
They are doing triathlons, heptathlons and a decathlon.

E's age group is a triathlon......shot put, high jump and the 400.

So....since E has never done the shot or high jump, we thought we better get up to the track and practice.

Thank GOD, my sister Abby was a stud high jumper, so I know a good deal about it, but actually teaching an 8 year old how to flop is a totally different beast.  Then I started to question if I should even be teaching her that approach and instead just teach her to jump forward over the bar??  What do you think?
I ended up deciding to teach her the 'right way'.....figured she could of course jump higher going straight in....but why teach her the wrong way and have her have to learn the correct way later, right? 
I'm pretty sure she's got the body of a high jumper.  We might be on to something.
TOTAL side note here:  Isn't it CRAZY to think they can/do high jump in the 9-10 age division!  I think it is.
Then, we decided to let Bob take a turn:
Pretty good, considering his approach was slow as heck!
E thought she better show him how it's done:
Bob just might have to accompany us to the meet this Sunday!



SDI said...

Too cute! Seems so crazy to have someone so little jump so high! But glad to hear your teaching her the "correct" way. She does have great legs to soar! Glad to see Bob was able to join in on the experience! :) Anxious to hear about the next adventure!

Jamie said...

Funny you should mention Abby, I was thinking she looks a lot like her auntie!