Thursday, June 27, 2013

Block Party!

Last weekend was full! (Actually, aren't they all!)
On Saturday, the girls and I spent the ENTIRE day at E's track meet.
She had her personal best for the season in both the long jump (8'8" 3/4) and the 800m (3:20) and scored a bronze medal in the high jump with a jump of 3'0" (her personal best is 3'2"). 
It was a doozie, hot hot!!

That evening, our dinner guests from Lincoln, beat the girls and I home.
It was so nice to catch up and just be together. 
Don't you just hate it when too much time passes between seeing good friends/family?  I know I do!

Sunday was just awesome!
191st Ave has had an annual Fourth of July Block Party for the past five years.
But this year, the party was moved up to wish our dear, sweet friends/neighbors farewell.
It was a bittersweet day. 
The street was blocked off. The kids played. The adults relaxed.  We ate. We drank.
And most of all we enjoyed each other and reminisced about the memories we've all made together the past 5 years.

p.s. due to the large amount of wild children running crazy in the street, Bob decided it was best to stay indoors :) 

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SDI said...

Oh, so much fun! Love block parties! I grew up in the "American Dream" block! We had parties, celebrated holidays and birthdays, and played from sunrise to sunset. Ahhh! The great times!