Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fireworks, Friends, Family and 10 years

Over the 4th of July weekend, we kept SUPER busy! (Duh, OF COURSE WE DID!!)

We started the weekend on Wednesday night lighting off fireworks with friends.
I think fireworks of this type are a complete waste of money, but the kids and the hubby sure didn't :)

And even Bob got in on the action!!

To be honest with you, the rest of the weekend was kind of a blur.
Ed and I celebrated our 10th anniversary with a quick trip to Nebraska City. pictures of the love birds on their trip :)  We were too busy eating, talking and SLEEPING...without children in our bed! Woo Hoo!!
I did take a picture of this picture from our wedding day.  Don't we look so young :)  And aren't Ed's eyes AMAZING!!  I mean, even in a picture of a picture, they are gorgeous!!
We stayed at the Lied Lodge (which is AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL and QUIET!!) and golfed 18 holes Friday.  It was glorious!  Check it out:
Special, Super Shout-Out to my brother and sister-in-law who graciously cared for our kids so we could celebrate.  Meant the WORLD to us!!  THANK YOU!!
Then we joined my brother and his family for a bbq and more fireworks.  This time we left it up to the professionals though.  Big Bang Boom in Norfolk was great!  Ed said, and I quote, "think these were the best fireworks I've seen in my life".  Pretty cool.
It's the simply things in life.  Family, Friends, Fireworks, Freedom...
Life is good.
Really good.

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Katie said...

Happy, happy anniversary! Here's to many more!
EIV's jammies take me back down memory road. Love the whales!