Thursday, August 22, 2013

7 years of AWESOMENESS!

H's birthday celebration started Saturday with a fun filled day with her cousins swimming at a state park.

On her actual birthday, she requested chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chips baked inside with chocolate frosting (she is TOTALLY her daddy's daughter.....a.k.a. Chocoholic!)
So...we decided, what the heck....let's have them for breakfast!!! 
EVERYONE thought that was super cool!   And that chocolate frosting makes some fun looking 'staches!

Nope....she does not have stitches.....just a nice size cut from a toy that her brother chucked at her....

Then it was present time.  New bedspread and jewelry holder.  And fake nails and polish from big sister.

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SDI said...

Happy BD, H! So love that you have cupcakes for breakfast, cuz why not! Great staches and fun gifts!