Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sweet 7!

This gorgeous one-year-old graced us with her presence SEVEN years ago.
No can 7 years go by in such a blink of the eye.
I'm a sap, I know.  But my heart is filled with  joy and a tinge of pain today.
My baby girls aren't babies any more.

Today as we celebrate your birth, H....always know how much we love you.
How much pure joy you have brought to our lives.
How much you have taught us about patience and simplicity.
How much we LOVE the sound of your voice, especially the way you say 'hamburger' and 'sure'.
And just how incredible, lovable, and AWESOME you are!!

We love you sweet girl!!


SDI said...

Happy birthday, H! Have a great year being 7!

Katie said...

Happy birthday to you, H! Hope you had a fabulous day. We love you.