Tuesday, August 13, 2013

H's 7 year old favorites

I love birthday time!  No, not just because of the cake and ice cream....but also because it's that time of year to see what my child's favorites are.  I love how this changes from year to year.

Here we go.
H, age 7 :)

What is your favorite color:  blue & green

Favorite animal: zebra & tiger

Favorite food:  cupcakes

Favorite thing to do at school: Art projects

Favorite activity: Art Projects

BFF: Madison and Emily

What do you think of your sister E right now: She can be mean sometimes

Who cooks the best: Mom

Favorite TV show: Jessi, on Disney

Favorite breakfast food: cupcakes or pancakes and scrambled eggs

Funnest thing we've done so far this year: When I was goofy (this answer confused me!!  Clearly we haven't done anything too exciting!)

Favorite pet: Jeter

Favorite day:  My Birthday!

Favorite people in the world: my family (aaawwww!)

Favorite place to visit: Tatum's Aunt's swimming pool

Favorite thing about my mom: good cooking skills

Favorite thing about my dad: funny and goofy

Favorite thing about my brother: he's a mustache and beard man (what???)

Favorite thing about my sister: she swims really good and can sometimes be nice to me

Favorite kind of ice cream: bubble gum

What's the nicest thing you've ever done:  gave kisses to my family

What scares you the most: wolves in movies (again....what????)

What annoys you:  My sister E is crazy

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SDI said...

These are great and will be fun to read later...you question things now, it will be fun to see what H thinks in even a couple more years and how much she has changed!