Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor free weekend!

Did you have an enjoyable Labor Day weekend?
Was it filled with BBQs, outdoor activities, friend and family? 
Sure hope so.

Ours was not.
Let me rephrase....ours INTENTIONALLY was NOT!
Summer exhausted us (even though I wouldn't give a moment back for anything!).  But still we were exhausted.  So we made an executive family decision to do our best to DO NOTHING for the 3 day weekend.
No scheduled sports
No BBQs or trips to the lake.
Nothing, but home and laundry.
And Naps.

Besides the girls having a play date with a friend, watching the Husker game with a friend (which about gave me a dang heart attack! I CANNOT handle another season like this!!!), hitting Burger King for dinner (yuck!) but the kids love the play tubes....we totally accomplished our goal.

Low key.
Naps on Sunday afternoon
Yes...believe it or not (I still am in shock!)...our entire family napped.  Woo Hoo! It was heavenly.
Laundry which had been so desperately neglected I found clothes that I forgot I had!
We didn't even bother showering for a couple days.  Gross I know!

Exactly, exactly, exactly what our family needed.


Katie said...

Did you have to tranquilize E to get her to nap? :) So glad you had a low key weekend. I think we all need that more often.

Adam and Nichole Lewis said...

Reading this warms my heart! I vote for Anibal Family Do Nothing Day more than once a year! ;) Miss all you crazies!

Adam and Nichole Lewis said...

make that more than once every two years...?