Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Adventures!

Another quiet weekend in the Anibal house.


We started on Friday afternoon with E’s inaugural cross country meet.  Thanks to this mom not knowing a dang thing about cross country….specifically where the meet is….we were late.  As we pulled up, a mob of 300 girls ran literally right by the car.  I encouraged (basically tried to push) E out of the car, but she wasn’t having it.

After LOTS of convincing by me, the coach and another mom, E decided to run the race with the boys.  Not an intimidating feat at all for an 8 year old girl who has NEVER run a meet before.  Bless her little heart!

She ROCKED It!  Came in about middle of the pack of 300 boys.  And these boys weren’t little; the majority of them were in middle school!  I’ve never seen E run so hard in my life.  She about collapsed when she finished.  I was SOOOO proud of her!  I promised her that we would make it on time to the next meet or I owe her Cherry Berry every day for a month J

Saturday was filled with swim lesson and H’s soccer game, which they clobbered the other team!  Way to go Pink Cheetahs!!

Grocery shopping and the HUSKER GAME!!! And a quick shopping trip to Justice (seriously the key to every little girls heart…..p.s. I hate that store!  Even with 60% off, E’s pants still cost more than mine. WTH?)

Sunday morning, the girls and I volunteered at an aid station at the Omaha Marathon.  We had a blast!  Listening to H bellow “Gatorade” over a 1000 times what just hilarious.

Cleaning, laundry, car washes, and just relaxing.

And then I ended the day by making two huge pots of soup.  YUM!!!!  I LOVE FALL….mostly because of the food.  I could eat soup every day.  It was glorious.

What did you do to fill your weekend?

Hope it was great J


P.S.  I know…I know…I know…these posts are better with pictures.  I’ve been a ROYAL slacker lately with my camera and my phone.  I suck.

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Adam and Nichole Lewis said...

I love soups in the fall at your house, too! ;)