Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dear Friends and Antiques

We had an amazing weekend!
We took off at 6am on Saturday morning for a 5 hour drive to visit our dear friends.
The car ride wasn't great, but it also wasn't awful.  It was a good warm-up for our 24 hour trip slated for December.

We are so blessed to call the P's our friends!!
They are the type of family, that it doesn't matter how long it's been since we've seen each other, it just feels right, good, relaxed.  Like we just spoke yesterday.
We soaked up every single minute of them.
Our kids played and laughed and reconnected.
Our sons interacted like they were old buddies (even though nearly 6 years separates them)
I loved watching it all happen.  It felt comforting and filled my heart.
Of course, we were so busy laughing and eating and catching up and eating some more that we didn't capture one single picture of the adults together.  This HAS to be a higher priority the next time we are all together! 

And then to TOP of the weekend, Ed (actually all of us!) got to visit a very special place.
Antique Archaeology.
The only way it could have been better was if Mike or Frank had showed up.
Ed is a BIG fan of the show American Pickers and it was so cute to see how happy he was to be there.  I loved it.  And when he scored a t-shirt, I swear it made his YEAR!!!
(Sorry for the crappy iphone pics)

Look at that grin!!


The kids got to test their 'picking' skills and choose an item and barter for it.  It was cute.

The weekend went WAY TO FAST.
It was really difficult to leave.
The entire drive home, I Thanked God for bringing the P's into our lives.
Can't wait until the "bushes are trimmed" and we laugh together again.  Love you guys!

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SDI said...

How fun! LOVE the girly, girl shoes! Looks like great times!