Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday!

I apologize for my tardiness on this one.

We celebrated Ed's birthday on Monday.
The kids made him brownies with M&M's and decorated with any cake toppers we could find.
I think it was perfect.  So did he.
He even insisted that we cut our evening short so we would be home before bedtime so the kids could sing Happy Birthday.  Such a softie :)

We enjoyed good friends over lunch and an evening out (just us!) for shoe shopping and dinner.
Shout out to my sister for making that a reality.
It was such an enjoyable day celebrating my man!

Happy Birthday honey.  I'm very blessed and grateful for the memories we've made over the past year.
Thanks for your unwavering love & support, unbridled amount of patience, ability to calm me the hell down, and commitment to your family/children.
Here's to many, many more :)
We love you!

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