Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Puffy Cheeks & the Her Helper

E had two more teeth pulled last week to give her adult teeth more room to come in.
First of all....I don't understand why her teeth refuse to fall out on their own.
Secondly.....we are starting our braces saving account for her already....it's inevitable....SIGH....

H was along for the visit and actually got to help with the extractions. After Dr. Bryan pulled the teeth, H was in charge of getting them into the tooth box.  She was pumped!  It was pretty fun!

It's always pretty cool to me how brave my girls are.  They don't cry or excessively worry about these types of things.  They believe me and Ed when we say they are going to be 'fine'.  They are constantly looking to soak in new information and experience something new.  I like that they are that way.  I like that they are not 'chickens'.  Well....unless you're talking about going anywhere in our house without someone else......but in all other situations, they're not. 
They're brave.
They're confident.
That's cool.

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Katie said...

Ouch! It's awesome that H was able to assist though.