Monday, March 31, 2014

Heart Heroes Family Night Out

I was blessed and honored to be in charge of hosting Heart Heroes, Inc. 2nd Annual Family Night Out event again this year.
This is such a fun event!!
We rent out the Omaha Children's Museum and have pizza, frozen yogurt and cookies....all for FREE...for CHD Heart Heroes, their families and our supporters.
It's really low key and relaxed and families just love it.

It fills my heart to see the smiles and joy on people's faces when they arrive and are playing in the museum.
We were also super blessed to have the head of Children's Hospital's Cardiology Department, one of the cardio-thoracic surgeons, a few cardiologist and nursing staff in attendance.  SUPER COOL!!  Many of our heart families call these wonderful people family, so it was great they were there supporting our families and Heart Heroes!!!

We had this amazing photo booth this year.  It was a hit!


The other BEST part of the evening is looking around and seeing what AMAZING friends and family that I have.  My friends volunteer their time and talents to Heart Heroes and this event to help it be a huge success!! 
I seriously CANNOT THANK Nancy, Shellie, Katie, Katie and Dana enough for ALL they did that evening (and so many, many things PRIOR to that evening...especially Dana!).
They support they give our family, Heart Heroes, and me....moves me to tears....literally.
And finally....these 2 VERY FINE ladies....

Without these ladies, Heart Heroes would not exist.
They started it all.....and have opened their hearts and their organization to me.....allowing me to join them in this beautiful journey.    For that I'm blessed beyond words.
Love you girls.





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