Thursday, January 3, 2013

Year in Review

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!
I've been enjoying every minute of my 2 week vacation and haven't thought about blogging one single time.  I've been having way too much fun!!

Before we jump head first into 2013....(holy crap...2013!...remember Y2K? wasn't REALLY 13 years ago was it??)......I thought a summary of our crazy, busy, every celebration a family can have year 2012 was fitting.

So trust me, I'm summarizing A LOT here, but the pictures are fun!!

Jan - dressing up Jeter for our New Years Day party, refinishing a chandelier, surviving the cold
Feb - celebrating our nephew's first birthday and spending time with our cousins
Mar - celebrating #45 with dad, fun with markers, fun in the sun, and a 3 year old princess party
Apr - H playing soccer, swimming lessons and cheese balls
May - Abby graduation and bridal shower (lots of skittles...yum!), planted garden
Jun - slept in our home ONE DAY, out of ONE weekend this entire month!!  Q125 Celebration in Howells which included some cute firefighters, grandpa's crazy beard (thank goodness he shaved!), a float and 3 full days of inflatable fun, Abby's beautiful wedding and a family trip to San Francisco for Landon's graduation, including a trip to the beach, hugging huge trees and walking the best city with grandma
Jul - Howells Olympics (proud to report we scored a couple of medals....way to go Ed, my stylistic diver :), time with cousins and an impromptu watermelon feed with the neighbors, annihilated the Warrior Dash
Aug - Hired the BEST nanny EVER, started school with a first and second grader and H turned 6....complete with cake and donuts and princess party
Sept - Celebrated EIV's first Heartiversary (thank the Lord), birth of another nephew (4 boys in less than 2 years)
Oct - Another nephew, another first birthday party, Vegas trip for Grandma/pa's 50th, time with cousins, E turned 8, lots of pumpkin patches and a week long work trip for mom
Nov - turkey centerpieces and a thankful tree, celebrating #36, and Black Friday baby!
Dec - Santa beard, 12 days of Christmas activities, EIV turned 2,  Grinch hearts for good deeds and lots and lots of family time and love

Whew......I'm exhausting reliving it all.

Our blessings were and are abundant!
Here's to making 2013 just as AWESOME!!!!

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Adam and Nichole Lewis said...

Love the collage! And thanks for the shout out. ;)